What is Onoma?


Onoma (ὄνομα) means 'name','fame' in Greek.

ONOMA AIstrives to make a better world by developing 

various artificial intelligence-based technologies.





Connect the world with evolving AI technology.
With the hope of creating life-changing technologies,
We seek the integration of machines and humans. .

Devise ways to satisfy the needs of society as a whole.
Our solutions will contribute to changing 

every moment of life.

The pursuit of endless scientific

research, exploration, and analysis of artificial intelligence technology reveals new facts.
We use the initiative of artificial intelligence to constantly strive for great discoveries


The three symbols represent the harmony of cultural elements around the world.
The symbol of ONOMA AI is designed under the influence of 'Tripletive', and refers to a figure surrounded by three technologies: 'Connect', 'Fullfill' and 'Reveal'.


Min Song│CEO, Founder

 <Professional Experience>

- 2021—Present: Vice-president of Library and Cultural Services, Yonsei University

- 2018–2019: Associate Dean of University Development Strategies, Yonsei University

- 2016–Present: Professor, Department of Library and Information Science, Yonsei 


- 2014–Present: Underwood Distinguished Professor, Yonsei University

- 2014–2017: Department Head of Lib. And Info. Science Department

- 2012–2016: Associate Professor, Department of Library and Information Science,

                       Yonsei University


<Research Interests>

- Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Multimodal Learning, Text Mining

 <Research Achievements>

- More than 100 SCI/SSCI journal papers

- 4 Times Best Research Award (2014-2016, 2018)

- IEEE/ACM Web Intelligence Conference Best Paper Award (2004)

- Top 10% highly cited paper in PLOS ONE (2021)

- Global Top 1% Researcher in Bibliometrics by Expertscape (2021)

- Underwood Distinguished Professor (2014 – 2017, 2021 – 2023)

- Program Committee 및 Program (Co-) Chair

  (DTMBIO, SHEBD, DaWaK etc., 2015 - Present)

- Chief Specialty Editor of Frontiers in Text Mining and Literature-based Discovery 

  (2018 - Present)

- Editorial Board Member of Journal of Informetrics, Scientometrics,

  International Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics


The members of ONOMA AI are working hard to become our ONOMA AI,
where everyone who does their best in their respective places gathers to share ideas and complete projects together.


We collaborate with people in various fields.